Agriculture and Technology

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Agro Technology

Integrating technology with agriculture starts here, AgroTech is your go-to technology solutions for agriculture. Scaling agriculture through technology

Our approach

Technological progress is a key contributor to agricultural sustainability. That is why we are committed to designing high tech solutions for farmers. In achieving this, we start by looking at the farmer’s individual situation and tailor our agricultural solutions to his or her specific requirements in a user-friendly manner.

Potential Benefits and Value Added

We intend to offer farmers faster, more accurate methods of monitoring plants and help them make better decisions.

Helps farmers to keep track of relevant information.

To help farmers increase productivity and profitability

Help to reduce the high cost of gathering precise field data

Providing decision making and activity management support to farmers and enterprises.

Improve efficiency in the use of agricultural resources

Improve quantity and quality of produce

Reduce environmental footprint

Risk mitigation

Farm management software platforms

We develop platforms that help farmers manage their crop production. Our platforms integrate with the different hardware devices that are used in precision agriculture. The data from these devices are aggregated onto the central platform where they can be processed and analysed. This helps farmers make better decisions on ways to manage their operations, therefore making it more insight driven and efficient for them.

Offline data capture solution:

technology allows us to capture farmers information and geolocation without the use of internet on offline data capturing solution. Ability to assign offline app to multiple agent to capturing farmer data without internet in a poor internet accessibility location. Ability to recognise internet connect and sync data captured to a central database.
Agricultural based trading platform: Facilitates trading of agricultural produce and resources among stakeholders (farmers, user and providers) through an online marketplace

Aggrotech Product - YEELDA

Yeelda connects farmers, buyers and service providers together

Features of Yeelda

Marketplace: farmers, service providers such as providers of farm resources and buyers of farm produce come to purchase seedlings, farm produce, equipment and so on

Messaging and chat service: allow a buyer and seller to communicate privately on the platform. The chat service allows multiple users to engage in a group chat or chat room. Online payment for purchase/sales of farm produce. Graphical representation of farmers data across all states in Nigeria using map visualisation.

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